Destroyed time

TREES, Civic Association for Independent Theatre, Bratislava, 2000
Author: Ján Štrbák
Directed by Ján Štrbák

about the production

The production cannot hide being inspired by theatre of the absurd. It even admits it in a number of content and form elements (the search far non-existent paradise, time as an enemy, man lost in the midst of eternity, minimalised text, communication barriers between the characters). However, it brings something more, something that can be considered unique and specific – for the creators, for this time, for the Slovak mentality or for theatre means of expression in this region. That something is the specific poetry and even lyricism of the piece, the incessantly renewed faith and hope in the possibility of changing the given situation, the figurative vision of the world materialised in the use of puppets, mysterious half humans and half-things as well as ordinary objects which take on an allegorical form.

After making a guest appearance at the Divadelná Nitra International Theatre Festival, the production will participate in the New Wave Festival in Prague (The Czech Republic).

TREES, Civil Association for Independent Theatre (1998) is another from a small number of non-state theatre companies which came into being in Slovakia in the last decade, i.e. after 1989. A group of recent graduates of the Academy of Music and Drama decided they would not merge with the existing traditional theatre communities, but would devote themselves to independent production. The venue of the first opening night of the project Destroyed Time they authored was a romantic leisure village near Bratislava, at the confluence of the Danube and the Morava rivers. They were welcomed in the local cultural centre by the local officials, and they also managed to attract viewers from Bratislava.



screenplay, stage design and directed by Ján Štrbák
costume design: Jan Kocman
masques: Martin Blizniak
music: Miroslav Králik
lighting design: Jan Kocman, Milan Chalmovský
technical co-operation: Milan Svikruha
production: Svetlana  Waradzinová
Man: Pavel Krištofek, Old man: Milan Chalmovský, Woman: Vanda Tureková, Wardrobefather. Miriam Pavelková, Tablemother. Lucia Lapišáková, Hourbrother: Jozef Fruček, Voice: Elo Romančík


Ján Štrbák (1972)

He graduated from Theatre Dramaturgy and Directing at the Academy of Music and Drama in Bratislava, where he has been teaching since 1997, he made a study stay at Darlington College of Arts (the United Kingdom) and State Theatre School in Cracow (Poland). With productions he directed as a student (A. P. Chekhov's Difficult People, J. Štrbák's About a Little Winner, J. L. Borges' Gospel according to Mark) he represented the school at important intemational theatre festivals in Slovakia (Divadelná Nitra '93 and '96), The Czech Republic (Setkání '93 – Brno, Zlomvaz '97 – Prague), Portugal (Porto '94) and Macedonia (Shomrahi '97 – Skopje). He is the author and co-author of short-film scripts, as well as translations of plays by Witkiewicz and Beckett.