PIKI Theatre, Pezinok, 2000
Author: Katarína Aulitisová
Directed by Katarína Aulitisová, Ľubomír Piktor

about the production

The production is brimfut of directors' imagination, it uses alt kinds of puppets and masks. lt happens at a fast pace, the actors in contact with the children in the auditorium readily include in the play anything occurring in the given space and time. They do it playfully, with ease, humour and at the same time with taste and a sense of measure. Things and actions are thought through; the masterful improvisation works against the background of professionally perfect mastery of the theatre form. Physical movement, animation of the puppets and other objects, acting and singing – all that witnesses the perfect preparation and special abilities of both protagonists.

The production respects the child viewer. One is equal partner in playing mischief. However, the performance does not preach or tutor – it offers heaps of theatre imagination, creativity and freedom. lt has won the main prizes at festivals in Italian Cividale and Spectaculo interese in Ostrava, and at the festival in Slovenian Maribor it was awarded the Twenty-five Golden Stars Prize.


directors: Katarína Aulitisová, Ľubomír Piktor
stage, puppet and costume design: Zuzana Cigánová-Mojžišová
music: Michal Ničík
cast: Katarína Aulitisová, Ľubomír Piktor



Katarína Aulitisová (1964), Ľubomír Piktor (1960)

A married couple of graduates of the Puppet Department of the Theatre Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Katarína Aulitisová worked far two years in the Drak Theatre in Hradec Králové, while Ľubomír Piktor started his professional career in the Theatre On the Balustrade with Ladislav Fialka or in theatre projects of Ctibor Turba. They met each other in the State Puppet Theatre in Bratislava in 1988 – 1990.

In 1990 they established their own theatre – PIKI Theatre. They have been involved in their own productions as authors, organisers, manufacturers and directors. All the productions are destined for children and their parents. (On Nine Months, When Mum Is Not Home, Madam Decla Ration). They have participated in a number of Central European puppet festivals where they have received several awards. The results of their work rank among the top Slovak puppet production for children and adults.