Miss Julie

Manjana Theatre, Stockholm, Sweden, 2000
Author: August Strindberg
Directed by Nola Rae

about the production

The Production is an original stage treatment of a tragedy by August Strindberg, the Swedish classic, in the unexpected form of clowning, which not only entertains the viewers, makes them laugh or diverts them, but also familiarises them with the complexity of relationships of men and women through uniquely theatre means. We will appreciate the bravado of the Swedish actors, ingenuity and creativity with which they interpret and depict on the stage even the minutest details of Strindberg's text. The actors skilfully transform the classical original into a pantomime show form. All the dialogues change into comprehensible body language. This performance does not have the ambition to be a representative of the Nordic theatre culture at the festival, itis rather an inspirational possibility of a playful and free approach to staging own (national) classical drama. With joy, imagination, humour, freshness and overview.

The performance was presented at several festivals in Sweden and abroad: The Strindberg Festival in Sweden (1998), RIBA Festival in Lithuania (1999) and in Byelorussia.



Director: Nola Rae
Set design: Lasse lngvarsson
Cast: Julie: Cecilia Holm, Jean: Bert Gradin, Christine: Eva Riepe


Nola Rae (1949)

An outstanding personality in female pantomime, dance and clowning. She graduated from ten-year dance training at the Royal Ballet School in London. She co-operated with world famous mimes (e.g. Marcel Marceau). In 1975 she founded London School of Pantomime together with Mattew Ridout, she also participated in shaping many productions all over the world.

In 1994 she directed in Manjana Theatre far the first time a performance of The House of Bernarda Alba, which enjoyed success not only in Sweden, but also abroad.

Manjana Theatre is an association of female Swedish clowns. Its main effort is a special approach, original way of processing and interpretation of drama in terms of the given genre. The basic philosophy of Manjana Theatre is a conviction that it is precisely through elements of pantomime that manifestation s of the absurdity of life, humour as well as tragedy can be represented in a more visible and more attractive manner.