Maribor National Drama Theatre, Maribor, Slovenia, 2000
Author: Eugène Ionesco
Directed by Sebastijan Horvat

about the production

The producers start from a thorough analysis of the problem in the text based on the phenomenon of mutual destructive impact of political and personal desire far power. The production uses above all visual and sound elements in order to create a suggestive theatre image. Two components thus co­ exist: the author's text and the stream of highly minimalistic visual representation of the director's idea. The actor as well as the light, props or movement become part of the visual side of the production which is based on its own unique aesthetics, but at the same time on the natural effect of the stage image. With minimalism in acting, but with a clear trend towards meaning, emotionality, sound beauty and inner strength of word. A performance thus comes into being, which through its strict and precisely organised expressive inventory creates a unique poetry of the stage piece.

Sebastijan Horvat was awarded the Prize of the Borštnik Slovenian Festival far his production of Macbett. The actor Vlada Novak was awarded Glazer Prize far his Duncan.


director: Sebastijan Horvat
translation: Primož Vitez
dramaturgist: Metka Damjan
visual concept: Petré! Veber
costume design: Jasna Bajlo
music: Drago lvanuša
choreographer: Valentina Cabro

Macbett: Nenad Tokalié, Duncan: Vlado Novak, Lady Duncan, Lady Macbett, First witch: Nataša Matjašec , Second witch, Lady in waiting: Petra Rojnik, Banco, Monk: Kristijan Ostanek,  Glamiss, First servant: Peter Boštjančič, Candor, Second servant: Peter Ternovšek, Malko: Borut Veselko, Bloody soldier: Jure lvanušič, Officer: Zvonko Funda, Servant: lztok Bevk, Butterfly hunter, Lemonade seller: Ivica Knez, Bald woman, Woman with a basket: Irena Varga and others.


Sebastijan Horvat (1971)

He graduated from theatre directing at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Ljubljana. He worked in the Slovenian National Theatre and Slovenian Youth Theatre in Ljubljana, as well as in the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor (E. lonesco's The Lesson, A. Camus' Caligula). In 1998 he founded his own independent theatre grouping (E.P.I. Center).

In his directing he shows a sense far minimal expression: the predominance of visual sign, stage object, empty space and clear tone, supplemented by refined acting or succinct stylised movement. He has been searching and experimenting not only on the visual, but also linguistic plane. Each Horvaťs manifestation and maybe his unpredictable manner of expression hides a rich inner world of unique ideas hard to put name to.

At present he works on productions in the Slovenian National Theatre in Ljubljana (Musseťs Lorenzaccio) and in the Slovenian National Theatre in Maribor (P. Shaffer's Amadeus). So far he has presented his work at festivals in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Russia.


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