A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Chemnitz State Theatre, Chemnitz, Germany, 1998
Author: William Shakespeare
Directed by Eric Bass

about the production

Erich Bass has built up the charming Shakespeare story especially on the metaphoric fight between Oberon and Titania to gain a child. Oberon does not have a real, serious reason to ask for a child: he fights only to gain power. Eric Bass compares this fight and its consequences to a quality of persona! relations in a human society. Big chaos, which the fight between Oberon and Titania brings up envisions his idea of disorder and imbalance in the society of love, emotions and tolerance are needed. According to the Bass' interpretation the Arabic music is performed by three Palestinian musicians to underline the global understanding of personal relations.



directed and scenic idea by: Eric Bass
stage design: Peter Gemarius de Kepper
puppets and costume design: Sabine Tischmeier
script editing: Agnes Ehrig
music: Mohamad Jamil a skupina / and comp.
music coach: Manfred Blank
Oberon: Jürgen Lingmann, Titania: Silke Röder, Puk: Roy Borm, Little Peas: Milena Gürova, Indian boy: Felic Junghans, Theseus: Jan Mixsa, Hippolyta: Uschi Marr, Egeus: Jürgen Lingmann, Lysander: Martin Vogel, Demetrius: Patrik Lumma, Hermia: Cornelia Fritzsche, Philostrates: Kristina Feix / Gerlinde Tschersich, Peter Squenz, tesár: Martin Vogel, Niklas Zettel, Pyramus: Jan Mixsa, Frank Flaut, Thisbe: Uschi Marr, Tom Schnauz, Stena: Kristina Feix / Gerlinde Tschersich, Matz Schlucker, Mesiac: Cornelia Fritzsche, Schnock, Lev: Patrik Lumma


Eric Bass, the director and puppet actor (1947), born and living in American Vermont, is often characterized as a philosopher of puppetry. He has worked in several theatres and received a wide acclaim with the critical audience as a producer of the exceptional figurative theatre. He was internationally appraised mainly for the Sandglass Theater stage production.

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