Uncle Vanya

National Theatre of Moravia – Silesia, Ostrava, Czech Republic, 1998
Author: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Directed by Oxana Meleshkina-Smilková

about the production

The director adapted the text of Chekhov's play considerably while making the both poles of his work, the tragic and humorous, significant. She, in co­operation with the script editor, used some Russian proverbs and everyday phrases to approach Russian reality and disclose their original Chekhov's meaning. At the same time, she added a number of modernizations.

The typical feature of the performance is frenzy and seemingly chaos – characters utter even the most important replics in a hurry, as if by the way. The nostalgie atmosphere of the “old mansion good times” flickers in a rush tempo. The director's interpretation is, at the same time, the defamiliarization of all classical interpretations of "boring" Chekhov and creates an updated version of the performance at the turn of the millenium. The performance became the discovery of this year's Ostrava Theatre Festival.


directed by Oxana Meleshkina-Smilková
translation: Leoš Suchařípa
adaptation: Oxana Meleshkina-Smilková
choreography: Oxana Meleshkina-Smilková
stage and costume design: Jevgenij Kulikov
music: Pavel Helebrand
script  editing: Marek Pivovar
Serebrjakov: Jan Filip, Jelena: Tereza Bebarová, Soňa: Lenka Břenková, Vojnická: Milena Asmanová, Vojnickij: Tomáš Jirmah, Astrov: Jan Fišar, Telegin: Zdeněk Kašpar, Marina: Alexandra Gasnárková, Solomon: Vladislav Georgiev; Samuel Mach


Oxana Meleshkina-Smilková (1955) studied at the School of Drama in Kiev, at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Moscow and philosophy at the College of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences. Among her significant professional works belong e.g. Michelangelo (1979, Kiev), Amadeus (1987, Moscow), Oedipus (1989, Moscow), Uncle Vanya (1994, London). She is a talented artist and along with the directing and acting she devotes her time to painting, graphics and collage work. She has had almost twenty individual exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic. She manages the international cultural programme "Europe – the House of Art". She has been awarded a number of international prizes. She was listed in a prestigious journal of art celebrities edited by Cambridge University.