Atoms of God

Slovak National Uprising Theatre (now The Slovak Chamber Theatre), Martin, 1998
Author: Gejza Vámoš
Directed by Rastislav Ballek

about the production

The novel by Gejza Vamos Atoms of God was published for the first time in 1928. It is the best work of a Slovak doctor, writer and playwright who exiled in 1938. This inventive writer whose works were close to Expressionism, Surrealism and Dadaism comes back to Slovakia in the form of a theatre performance inspired by the most famous of his novels.

The stage production of a young team of artists is astonishing not only because of the non-traditional interpretation of the novel through the means of non-verbal theatre, but especially due to its competence and accuracy which has transmitted Vamos' spiritual message. The main character of Atoms of God is a broken doctor who, confronted with the life and death polarities, both at work and in his personal life, doubts a man and world and is not optimistic about the future. The points of the departure of the young creators’ artistic declaration were the influential sources of different art forms between the wars inherent in Vamos' novel. The young artists composed their message of Dadaism, Expressionism and Surrealism as the message about the world and value of life.



directed by: Rastislav Ballek
scenic idea: Rastislav Ballek, Martin Kubran
script editing: Martin Kubran
stage design: Ján Novosedliak
costume design: Mária Cillerová
choice of music: Martin Kubran
choreography: Milan Kozánek
MUDr. Karol Zurian: Branislav Matuščin, Medúza: Linda Zemánková, Dunčo: Andrej Šternmenský, Jašo: Andrej Hrnčiar, Pufi: Miroslav Kráľ


Rastislav Ballek (1973) graduated from the Directing Art Department of the Drama and Music Academy in Bratislava. The stage production Atoms of God is his second one he has directed in Martin, after Vajansky's Desolate Flower (performed at the Divadelna Nitra Festival '97). Since his student’s years Ballek has proven to be a director with the imaginative and clear understanding of the authorial theatre. His stage production Departure from Bratislava staged at the Drama and Music Academy (performed also at Divadelna Nitra '96) was awarded the prize for the most creative adaptation and script editing at the festival of Theatre Academies Setkání '96 (Meeting '96) in Brno.