Flesh and Blood

Suver Nuver, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1998
Author: based on “The Family” by Lodewijk de Boer
Directed by Moniek Merkx

about the production

Flesh and Blood is the first performance where Suver Nuver has used an existing text as the point of the departure of a stage production. The performance is based on a provocative family drama by a Dutch writer of the seventies Family. Suver Nuver has contemporized the world of the two wild brothers and their mute sister, who have sought shelter in a squat, along with their unbridled rage and naive dreams. This highly physical and musical spectacle portrays a group of young people who tyrannise themselves, each other and their hypocritical surroundings. There just isn't enough time to lament their fate. The audience, whether they like it or not, become accessories to the overdose of violence and humiliation that is inflicted... This performance, peppered with frisian dialogue, paints an absurd, hilarious and brutal portrait of the human species.



directed by: Moniek Merkx
stage design: Sanne Danz
costume design: Marike Kamphuis
music: Joop van Brakel, band N.I.P.
light design: Beand Wonrhubsen
cast: Peer van den Berg, Dette Glashouwer, Henk Zwart, Wiske Sterringa, Maarten Lok, Willem Kwakkelstein, Eelco Vellera


Moniek Merkx has worked as a director and writer in the Artemis Theatre. Flesh and Blood has been her fifth production staged with the theatre group Suver Nuver. Her other works include: Glowing – 1989, Plaster-rage – 1993, Risk – 1995 and Suver Nuver's Open House – 1997.

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Scripts of the production: SK, DE

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