Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, Slovakia, 1998
Author: Nina Sadur
Directed by Marián Pecko

about the production

Nina Sadur wrote the play Miss according to the short story Vij by N. V. Gogol, where natural and supernatural, the living and dead are united. It is a mystical story including the enigma of unfinished version about the conflict of real and unexperienced mysterious world as the director disclosed it in the text of the drama. The mystical story and enigmas are accentuated by the play of counter poles in the Nitra's performance. The real world and the after world, feminine sensuality and magical fatality, dull emotions and the fear of death. All this corresponds with the stage design based on the contrasts, creates a bizarre atmosphere of dim silhouettes and of something that is intangible and incomprehensible.





directed by  Marián Pecko
translation:  Oľga Ruppeldtová – Andrášová</strong
script editing:
Iveta Škripková
stage design: Ján Zavarský
costume design: Eva Farkašová
music: Róbert Mankovecký
choreography coach: Elena Lindtnerová - Krošláková
Miss: Eva Pavlílková, Choma Brut: Ján Kožuch, Javtuch: Jozef Dóczy, Svyryd: Ján Greššo, Doroš: Erik Peťovský, Chveska: Daniela Kuffelová


Marián Pecko (1958) has worked as an art director and director in the Theatre at the Crossroads in Banská Bystrica which has been successful for several years. He is the director who enhances new stage tendencies in the production for children and teenagers and has been appraised by the critical audience as he received two times the Award for the Best Director (1993, 1996) and participated at various theatre festivals (e.g. DN '93 with the stage production You Move Me So Much). His stage productions far adults are connected with such attributes as the "total theatre" and the expressive theatre. Recently he has worked as a guest director in various theatres in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland.