The Government Inspector

Theatre of Dejvice, Prague, Czech Republic, 1998
Author: Nikolay Vasilyevich Gogol
Directed by Sergej Fedotov

about the production

One of the most famous of Gogoľs comedies about the visit of the "top officials", which completely paralyses the life of a provincial town, is by the Theatre of Dejvice a little bit rough than we would expect.

The guest director Fedotov – a native Russian – understands Gogol, in spite of the great respect towards him, differently than we have known him. Gogol is for him a mystical magician, the master of both comic and bitter modes, he even asserts that in each Gogol’s work there is a character who is the devil himself with all his qualities we attribute to him. The director's work with the company, it is especially the excentric improvisation immediately in front of the eyes of spectators, which         enables  the actors and spectators together enter a new dimension beyond the human thinking borderlines. Fedotov's The Goverment lnspector is not only the comic farce; it is the absurd tragicomedy with a great deal of mysticism.


directed by: Sergej Fedotov
translation: Zdeněk Mahler
stage design: Bára Lhotáková
costume design: Petra Štetinová
music consultant: Luboš Krtička
Anton Antonovič Skvoznik-Duchanovskij: Ivan Trojan, Anna Andrejevna: Klára Melíšková / Denisa Nová, Marja Antonovna: Zdenka Volencová / Karolína Rottová, Luka Lukič Chlopov: Jan Španbauer, Amos Fjodorovič Ljapkin - Ťapkin: Pavel Rezníček, Artemij Filipovič Zemljanika: Pavel Žatečka, Ivan Kuzmič Špekin: Ladislav Frej, Petr lvanovič Dobčinskij: Zita Morávková, Petr lvanovič Bobčinskij: Jana Holcová, Ivan Alexandrovič Chlestakov: Martin Myšička, Osip: David Novotný, Christian lvanovič Hubner: Pavel Šimčík, Stepan lljič Uchovertov: Martin Pechlát, Svistunov: Tomáš Mecháček, Fevroňa Petrovna Pošlepkinová: Denisa Nová / Klára Melíšková, Miška: Tomáš Mecháček, Chambermaid Denisa Nová / Klára Melíšková


A dominant principle of Sergei Fedotov's (1961) work is the method of the prominent theatre expert and mainly phenomenal actor Mikhail Chekhov. It is based on a specific type of improvisation which Fedotov understands as an essential and united part of the whole performance. He believes that the essence of a theatre creed is: improvisation, grotesque, mysticism, game. Sergei Fedotov attracted attention of the critics at the festival "The Theatre of European Regions" in the Czech city Hradec Králové by the performance Pannochka in the production of the Perm Theatre "At the Bridge". Sergei Fedotov is the founder and the art   director of the theatre "At the Bridge". The core repertory of the theatre is exactly the work of Gogol.