International Foundation Ukraine – Culture – Europe, Kiev, Ukraine, 1998
Author: Prosper Mérimée
Directed by Andrii Zholdak

about the production

The production of Carmen by the Ukraine theatre company is freely adapted story according to the world-known novella by Prosper Mérimée. But it is not the Spanish Carmen. What you find here is Paris, the thirties, vaudeville theatre, you can hear the sounds of accordion and voices of cabaret singers, everything is full of delicacies in the Coco Chanel style… This is the romantic setting of a tragic love story, the story full of passion, crime and intrigues around the beautiful Gypsy woman and all who are helplessly trapped into her steadily woven intrigues.

Extraordinary artistic performances, imposing choreography, extravagant costumes and the music of Bizet, Shchedrin or French cabaret songs, together with the director's tireless fantasy has created the postmodern stage production which is successfully being presented at national and foreign stages (the participation in the lnternational festival "Theatre Confrontations' 97" in Lublin and at the lnternational Theatre Festival in Romanian Sibiu, 1998).



directed by: Andrij Žoldak
produced by:  Miroslav Grinišin
stage and  costume design:  Maria Levitska
choreography:  Alla Rubina
Jose: Anatolij Chostikojev, Carmen: Viktoria Spesivceva, Zuniga, Don Cairo, Carmen's lover, later gangster: Vasiľ Baša, Morales, "Cap", later - Jose's bodyguard and friend: Volodimir Gdanskij, Pierre, street bootblack, later Jose's friend: Alexander Bilozub, Michaella, Jose's bride: Tetiana Olexenko, Mercedes, Carmen's friend: Natalia Novikova, Fisherman, later restaurant keeper: Petro Pančuk, The Page, Carmen's clarinet player: Sergij Gdanskij


Andrij Zholdak (1962), born in Kiev, graduated from the lnstitute of Cinematography and Theatre. He works both as a director and producer, in cinematography he is famous as a script writer: he wrote the screenplays of the films King Lear (1992) and Women (1994). He is the president of the lnternational Foundation “Ukraine-Culture-Europe”.

Theatre Production: The Moment (V. Vinicenko, Ivan Frank Theatre, 1989), Chernobyl (1991), Yurta Passions (Lucerner Theatre, Paris, 1994), Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (a theatre pro­ ject of the lnternational Foundation “Ukraine-Culture-Europe”,1995), in 1996 he produced the performance Shveik according to the book by J. Hashek (a theatre project of the lnternational Foundation “Ukraine-Culture-Europe”).

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