Dom, kde sa to robí dobre

The State Theatre – Drama, Košice (before The East Slovakian State Theatre) , Košice, 1997
Author: Martin Čičvák
Directed by Mišo Hatina

about the production

lt is a piece singled out of the free drama cycle consisting of four plays. The whole cycle entitled „In What Consists Our Misery?" was created by Peter Scherhaufer. The House Where They Do lt Well is a debute by an author – undergraduate Martin Čičvák (1975), a student of Professor Hajdu from the same Drama and Music Academy in Brno. The premiére of the play took place in Chichester, England. lt is worth to mention that Martin Čičvák also obtained the award at the Setkání '97 International Drama Schools Festival in Brno for his direction of Brecht´s Baal. The play depicts the combatful world of drug dealers and prostitutes a rough play on life and death - a problematic underground into which some strata of today's young generation are being shifted.
The uniformed videopoetics with all of its subgenres such as clips, advertisements, disco light effects, movie visual effects, etc., is being largely represented in the performance in quality of means of assemblage which is to generate new artistic notions.


director and script editing: Mišo Hatina
music: Radovan Přikril
lyrics: Mišo Hatina, Martin Čičvák
stage and costume design: Paľo Andraško
choreography: Katarína Solárová
characters and cast:
Frankie: Ďuro Bernáth, Peggy: Ľudka Dutková, Black: Mišo Soltész, Write: Stano Pitoňák, Lisa: Danka Košická, Lullu: Vanda Konečná, Brenda: Danka Markušová, Čašník a saxofonista: Vlado Petruf, Barová tanečnica: Danka Košická, Edd: Ivan Krúpa


Mišo Hatina (born in 1973) – a disciple of the theatre director Peter Scherhaufer who presently is a senior lecturer at the Janáček Drama and Music Academy in Brno.