Budapesti Kamaraszínház, Budapest, Hungary, 1997
Author: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Directed by Róbert Alföldi

about the production

lt is a vivacious avant-garde performance. The stagers intentionally problematized the message of the work. Each character has his/her own truth. Each of them is a seagull – they are seagulls all together. The staging attacks both intellect and emotions, offers a colourful show where each colour has its precise meaning and where all the meanings are deduced to the final statement statement: „Everybody loves the one who loves someone else.“


director: Alföldi Róbert
script editing: Rácz Erzsébet
stage design: Kentaur
costume design: Bertha Andrea
characters and cast:
Arkadina, Irina Nikolajevna: Vari Éva, Treplev, Konstantin Gavrilovič: Kamarás Iván, Sorin, Piotr Nikolajevič: Holl János, Zarečna, Nina Michajlovna: Szalay Mariann, Samrajev, Iľja Afanasjevič: Jakab Csaba, Polina Andrejevna: Illyés Mari, Máša: Pokorny Lia, Trigorin, Boris Alexejevič: Rátóti Zoltán, Medvedenko, Semjon Semjonovič: Haas Vander Péter


Róbert Alföldi (1967) – graduated from the Actors Academy. For the last three years he has been working as a drama director. He staged a medieval legend, classical pieces as well as American commercial drama because as he said: „I do not believe in any superiority or a theatrical or a dramatical genre. I believe in comprehensibility." Presently, he stages Euripides' Phaidra and Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

Materials available

Video of the production: no
Scripts of the production: SK

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