Príbeh ??? Človeka

Buchty a loutky, Prague, Czech Republic, 1997
Author: Buchty a loutky, Boris Polevoy
Directed by Buchty a loutky

about the production

lt is a bizarre parody taking off the sovietization of the Czecho-Slovak culture during the era of normalization (1970-1989). All of the memorabilia of that era (from the paper heroes of the decaying socialist realism to toys and objects found acci­ dentally in old boxes and drawers) enter into the play full of absurdity. The mentioned objects together with costumes, minimalist stage and puppeteers' actions create a shocking discrepancy as a perfect incarnation of the absurd era of normalization and its heroes.

In the competition Stage Production 1996 organized by the Czech theatre magazine Divadelní noviny the performance Story of ??? A Man won the third place.The Puppet Alternative Theatre was founded in 1991 by six young puppeteers graduated from the Puppeteering Department of the Drama and Music Academy in Prague as an independent touring puppet company.

lt is an ensemble without a permanent stage giving guest performances in kindergartens, schools, houses of entertainment, clubs and puppet theatres predominantly (but not exclusively) far children. Same of its performances have already obtained prestigious awards at home and abroad.

Significant tours abroad: Figurentheaterfestival in Munich (Germany) - 1992, 1993, 1994, European Puppet Companies Festival in Silkebor(Denmark), Annual Puppet Theatre Festival in

Potsdam (Germany), two-month Tour in Hong Kong in 1995, Puppet Theatre Festivities in Zvolen and Banská Bystrica (the Slovak Republic).


director and dramatization: Buchty a loutky
music and stage design: Buchty a loutky
cast: Marek Bečka, Vít Brukner, Radek Beran, Pavel Antoš