Druhé prekvapenie lásky

Compagnie La Métaphore, Lille, France, 1997
Author: Pierre de Marivaux
Directed by Daniel Mesguich

about the production

The amusing and touching Marivaux's story about the relationship between a man and a woman is being developed on the squares of the stage chessboard.

The course of a chessgame developes just like the characters from the initial fast and dehumanized which have something of a hell-machine in them to slower almost gentle, yet cunning moves of a false game. The spectator is involved in the magic passion of the „absolute theatre" abundant with visions, echoes, illusions and tricks, in the whirl of delights and infernal tortures.


director: Daniel Mesguich
stage design: Eduard Laug
costume design: Gérard Poli
cast: Guy-Pierre Couleau, Fréderic Cuif, Dorothée Saint-Maxent, Christophe Maitot, Surah Mesguich, William Mesguich


Daniel Mesguich was a student of Antoine Vitez and Pierre Debauche at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d'Art Dramatique in Paris, where he has also been teaching since 1983. In 1974 he founded Le Théätre Minoir ensemble, in 1986 - 88 he led the Gérard Philippe Theatre in Saint-Denis, since 1991 La Métaphore and since 1995 he has been teaching at the Lille University.

Mesguich studied a plenty of plays, the most recently Hamlet and Don Juan, he directed the operas of Prokofyev, Wagner, and Verdi , and collaborated in directing movies with such personages as Michel Deville, Costa Gavras, Francois Truffaut, José Pinheiro and James lvory.