Don Juan v pekle

Teatr Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1997
Author: Molière, Baudelaire, Bataille
Directed by Ivan Stanev

about the production

Don Juan In The Hell evoked averitable scandal within a part of the public. Under the influence of the German theatrical poetics Stanev suppressed the sensitivness of his Slavonic roots. The presence of hard, go-ahead German expression escalated the experimental character, eccentricity, cynism, unscrupulous sexuality and precariosity of the performance built on the texts of Moliere, Battaille and Baudelaire.


director: Ivan Stanev
stage and costume design: Helena Ivanova
light design: Russy Ivanov
music: W. A. Mozart, Pace de Lucia, Genzbour, Miles Davis
cast: Kosta Tzonev, Jordanka Kuzmanova, Vassil Dimitrov, Jordan Spirov, Gincho Ilchev, Dessa Krasova, Stanislava Armutlieva, Vera Tabakova, Krasimira Kusmankova, Victor Bisserov


Ivan Stanev (1959) - a Bulgarian theatre director living and working in Germany. Staging Don Juan In The Hell has presented his directing art to the Bulgarian audience. Stanev has a reputation of an enfant terrible with a non-standard, unusual outlook on theatre production, tendency to aesthetic innovations and a negative attitude towards all kinds of conventions in the art. He is also an author of books of essays and poetry. His most significant productions: Alchemistry of Sorrow, Woyzeck - the Pain, Performance and Punishment, and Hermaphroditus.

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