Volcano Theatre Company, Swansea, Great Britain, 1997
Author: Paul Davies
Directed by Volcano Theatre Company

about the production

A bastard people still-born at birth? An independent nation, proud, fierce and only slightly mad. A city of eccentrics adrift on the sea of their dreams.

The town; a stark metal cube floats above a dismembered forest, against the night sky. The inhabitants; fragmented characters, disowned by their authors speak words of melancholy and madness.

The implements; forks, rakes and spades, forego their earthly functions to partner the living in a dance macabre. A pastoral lyric that becomes an urban nightmare: Tom Jones, firing from the hip and Caradog Evans „critical gunslinger of hopeless nostalgia" vrestle for the heart of Wales.

In production are used the lyrical words of Wordsworth and Blake, the critical modern eye of Gwyn Thomas, the sharp tongue of Caradog Evans  and  the  bitter mind of Friedrich

Nietzsche. All other words are written by Paul Davies.


directed: by the Company

Materials available

Video of the production: no
Scripts of the production: SK

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