HaDivadlo, Brno, Czech Republic, 1997
Author: Joseph Roth – Martin Dohnal
Directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský

about the production

The designation Oratorium for Drama Actors expresses the most precisely stage form where the fusion of music and drama components took place. The structure of direction is thoroughly deliberated so that all of the means of stylization applied create a polyphonic entirety with a relevant philosophical message. Emotionful music, stylisticly unified performances of the actors of various generations, as well as black costumes, gloomy stage and twilight (chiaroscuro) applied in lighting are shaping the symphony of theatre, further attempt of the HaDivadlo Theatre to follow their script editing line of the basic, philosophical questions of human existence.


director: Jan Antonín Pitínský
script: Joseph Roth a Biblia
music: Martin Dohnal
decoration consultancy: Libor Jaroš
stage design: Tomáš Rusín
costume design: Zuzana Štefunková
translation of Joseph Roth: Miroslav Petříček
the Bible: kralický preklad
script editing: Milan Czerny, Josef Kovalčuk
characters and cast:
Mendel Singer: Miloslav Maršálek, Debora: Iva Volánková, Mirjam: Mariana Chmelařová, Šemarja: Marek Daniel, Jonáš: Tomáš Matonoha, Menuchim: Pavel Liška, Mac aj.: Josef Polášek, Fega aj.: Marie Ludvíková, Skowronková aj.: Naďa Kovářová, Skowronek aj.: Miroslav Kumhala, Menkes aj.: Vít Mareček, Gröschel aj.: Wolfgang Spitzbart, Rottenberg: Cyril Drozda

singing: Eva Svobodová (soprán), Zoltán Korda (tenor)
orchestra: Petr Růžička, Pavel Ciprys, Vojta Novák, Lubor Pokluda, Hana Kreclová, Josef Fojta, Ctibor Bártek
conductor: Martin Dohnal


Jan Antonín Pitínský (1956) characterized by himself as a „flying director" which reflects the fact that he stages plays alternatively in various theatres both in Slovakia (Nitra, Bratislava) and the Czech Republic (Zlín, Brno, Prague).

A theatre director with deep sense of lyricism, visual and music elements of staging, an excellent stylizer and innovator, sometimes with a bit of exaggeration characterized as a superstar of the Czech stages. His extraordinary directions evoke a permanently vivid interest of both the audience and theatre professionals. In the past two years he won three most prestigious prizes in the Czech Republic:
- in 1995 – the Alfréd Radok Prize for the Best stage production of the year for Sister Anxiety performed by the Dejvice Theatre in Prague (also presented at Divadelná Nitra '95).

  • in 1996 – the Alfréd Radok Prize for the Best stage production of the year - for Job performed by the HaDivadlo Theatre in Brno (also presented at Divadelná Nitra '97).
  • in 1996 - the Prize of the Svet a Divadlo Magazíne for the Best performance of the year 1996 for Ritter, Dene, Voss performed by the Theatre On the Balustrade in Prague (also presented at Divadelná Nitra '96).