Fernando Krapp Wrote Me a Letter

The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Bratislava, 1995
Author: Tankred Dorst
Directed by Jozef Gombár

about the production

Motto of the stage production:

“Nothing but animals come into my mind only, whereby so many grimaces can be made by people.”            (Fernando Krapp)

Stage production Fernando Krapp Wrote Me a Letter was presented at the Festival of Drama Schools SKOMRAHI ´95 in Skopie, Macedonia, at the Festival of Theatre Schools organised on the occasion of the ITI Congress in Caracas, Venezuela, at the Festival Gathering – Prague – Brno organised by DAMU Prague and after it is shown at the Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra, it will be on also during The Theatre Festival in Pilsen.



director and adaptation: Jozef Gombár
translation and script editing: Svetlana Waradzinová
stage set design: Marek Hollý
music: Milo Král'
cast: Barbora Bobuľová, Milan Mikulčík, Paľo Krištofek


Jozef Gombár, born in 1973, student of the fourth year at the Department of Directing at the Academy of Music and Drama (VŠMU).
Stage productions: authorship theatre – In Order Nobody Could Say…  (Chapel of VŠMU, 1994)
Projects for the festivals: Amphitryon (Project Istropolitana 1994), Bloody Wedding (Venezuela 1995, Congress of the International Theatre Institute ITI)
Professional theatres: assistance provided –  Studio S: Jacob and His Lord, Agreement Is Possible, independent directing: Small Heart Occurrence (1994)