People, Lions, Eagles and Partridges (The Seagull)

The Formal Theatre, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1995
Author: Anton Pavlovich Chekchov (Konstantin Treplev)
Directed by Andrey Moguchy

about the production

In 1993 the theatre realised the idea of Konstantin Treplev (the character of The Seagull by A. Chekhov) in the performance People, Lions, Eagles and Partridges... There are many special effects used in the show. “... The shadows of Chekhov 's heroes are wandering in the search for eternity escaping Fortune.” The spectators of the show Orlando Furioso are getting a different atmosphere, the spirit of knightly tournament, lovely intrigues in Boccaccio style. The performance is penetrated with the spirit of Renaissance liberty. There are wonderful poems by Ludovico Ariosto. The theatre 's street-performances are deliberate and philosophical. The theatre became a regular prize-winner of Russian and International Festivals of Theatre Art. There is a small group in the theatre, it is mobile and open for all proposals.


directed by Andrei Moguchiy


Formal Theatre was found in 1988. The first performances were staged on the basis of non­ sense drama. The drama by E. Ionesco The Bald Soprano has been in the repertoire of the theatre since ever. The theatre is craving not to retell or illustrate literature, but to step incarnation in theatrical form, talking with spectators in a language of poetical icons. The next stage of work is of appeal to the literature of flow­confession, namely to the poem Petersburg by Andrey Bely. The show-symphony, show-jazz, the show in which an improvising actor is sub-merging in the subjects of the poem, and independently developing them.  The play of the classics, the show Two Sisters based upon the works by I. Turgenev, A. Chekhov, Sophocles, Platon, T. Ruzhevich, I. Bergman, S. Beckett, Teach-yourself French manual, Guide to Ethics. The theatre is paying tribute to the epoch of post-modernism with this performance.