Theatre Goose on the String, Brno, Czech Republic, 1995
Author: Alois Mrštík, Vilém Mrštík
Directed by Vladimír Morávek

about the production

“Marysha must be in contradiction with the irregular repertory related to every possible "non- theatrical" texts, to both literary and non-literary subjects, the facts and the reality, but not to the regular theatre plays the part of which Marysha undoubtedly is. Nevertheless, the programme of irregularity, which was accepted by the Theatre Goose on the String at the very beginning of its existence, has to admit necessarily the irregularity: thus, the exceptions and the unorthodox approach towards oneself. And it has to be so especially now in the middle of the third decade of its – successful and fruitful existence! (...) Marysha, the vital work, became the “classic” one very soon somehow, it became inert from the academic point of view. It more or less provoked to a reproduction of the firmly fixed model than to a new angle of re-reading, a new re-comprehension and to a new rendition. So thus, our main script editing requirement was an attempt to re-read Marysha newly and to render it in an unusual and uncommon way jointly with the spectators in'1995. So thus, enjoy the performance and make up the opinion of your own. Will you?”

(Petr Oslzlý) 


directed by Vladimír Morávek
script editing Petr Oslzlý
set design: Rastislav Pospíšil
music and piano accompaniment: Pavel Sýkora
choreography: Petr Šmolík
cast: Pavel Zatloukal, Gabriela Ježková, Ivanka  Hloušková / Helena Stehlíčková-Czaczio, Adriana Hejdová-Volsová, Jiří Pecha, Michal Teo Bumbálek, Radim Fiala / Hugo of Kornberk, Dita Kaplanová / Mař Pačasová,  Alena Ambrová­Satinská-Bílovická,  Roman Slovák,  Vladimír Hauser,  Eva Leinwbrová / K. Mordová,  Igor Stehlíček,  Václav Svoboda, Andrea Marečková, Štepán Morávek / Marek Friedl, Stanislav Votava, Ivan Urbánek   


Vladimír Morávek (born in 1965) graduated from the JAMU in Brno in 1989 and became specialised in theatre directing. He worked with the Children’s Studio of the Theatre Goose on the String, e.g.: Pitínský:  Comedy About the Birth, Hrubín – Morávek:  Beauty and the Beast or the Fairy­tale for Ugly Children, Morávek: 1980 or How Lucas V. and Sagvan T. Made a Cake. Working with the same theatre ensemble, V. Morávek created six stage productions: Örkény: The Feast of Roses, Pitínský: The Park, Morávek: Poor Water Nymph, Krejčí: Mystery of the Waxworks Museum, Gajdoš: The Dust, the Mrštík Bros: Maryša. V. Morávek gives the guest performances in other Czech theatres as well. In spring 1995, V. Morávek quitted the Theatre Goose on the String. He established the bunker theatre Glass Meadow, jointly with J. A. Pitínský. For the time being, Morávek prepares to give guest performances in the Theatre on the Balustrade in Prague.