Three Sisters

The Theatre of Trnava (now The Ján Palárik Theatre), Trnava, 1995
Author: Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Directed by Soňa Ferancová

about the production

“Soňa Ferancová in her rendition of Three Sisters just hit the pulsation of current times. In theatrical abbreviations she set the Chekhov story into a montage of situations consisting of three periods of life. She sees it as a process of three human epochs, not only from the viewpoint of visual art, in an excellent accordance with the visual artist A. Grusková, the creator of the stage set and costume designs, but first of all in a performing art expression and in the relationships. She precisely designed it in three sequences: traditional, modern and postmodern. Or you may perceive it as a period of time of ancestors, fathers and descendants.”

(Zuzana Bakošová-Hlavenková)


directed bySoňa Ferancová
stage set and costumes design: Alexandra Grusková
music: M. Vyskočáni
cast: Dagmar Sanitrová, Henrieta Mičkovicová, Andrea Zimányiová, Mária Landlová, Mária Jedľovská, Eman Hason, Michal Gučík, Vladimír Jedľovský, Marek  Majeský, Ľudovít  Moravčík, Tibor Vokoun


Soňa Ferancová (born in 1969). In 1993 she graduated from the Academy of Music and Drama (VŠMU), at the Department of Directing. During the first year of her studies she presented two short performances: VHV (Vladimír Hurban Vladimírovič) Snow-drifts and Antigona by Sophocles. The second year of her studies, she staged Chekhov’s Three Sisters and Othello by Shakespeare. Around this time a long-term exclusive collaboration began with stage set designer Alexandra Grusková which continues today. The third year Ferancová staged Name Day in the Nineteenth by Serafimovitch and Vian's The Builders of the Empire. The fourth year she introduced Genet’s Maid Servants (Marta Studio – Brno) and in the fifth year again Shakespeare’s Hamlet" (Cabinet of the Muses – Brno). After she graduated from University, Ferancová joined The Trnava Theatre where she created a stage production of Mahen’s The Ruined Ones. Next theatrical season she came back to the staging of Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

“... She has a tremendous sense of aestheticism, genuine luxurious taste and understanding of universal values ...” (Milan Čorba)