STOKA, Bratislava, 1995
Author: Blaho Uhlár and comp.
Directed by Blaho Uhlár

about the production

Production Nox sounds like a realistic play without any words. More particular people live in a specific space that can be regarded as a room. They perform in actions which are very particular. Nevertheless, a real meaning of particularity cannot be explained. The gloomy atmosphere of nocturnal scenes evokes images of Edward Munch, anxiety from the search for one's own identity, but it also indicates life materialized by a superficial advertising gesture and fear of oneself. A microstory allows spectators to anticipate that all characters belonged to someone and somewhere, however, it seems that they gave up the search for this place long ago.


directed by Blaho Uh1ár
stage set: Alexandra  Gnisková
costumes: Zuzana Piussi
music: Martin Burlas compilation of the works by the classics
cast: Ľubomír Burgr, Ingrid Hrubaničová, Jozef Chmel, Laco Kerata, Erika Láskavá, Lucia Piussi, Peter Zagar, Vlado Zboroň


Blaho Uhlár (born in 1951) graduated from the Academy of Music and Drama (VŠMU) at the Department of Theatre Directing in 1974. After his contract ceased with the state-owned theatres in Trnava in 1989 and then in Prešov in 1991, Blaho Uhlár was a co-founder of the Stoka Theatre and he works exclusively with it. The stage productions of importance: Tartuffe (1984, the  Children's and Youth Theatre (DPDM) Trnava), Quintet  (1995, DPDM Trnava), Theme: Mayakovsky (1987, DPDM Trnava, Prize awarded for directing and Award for the best stage production at  the May Theatre Festival Divadelná Nitra in  1988), Where Is the North (1987, DPDM Trnava, the first joint script accomplished within the rehearsals at the Slovak professional theatre), The Heartburn (1990, UND  Prešov), Impasse (1991, Stoka, the Critics' Award at the Mimos Festival´93 Périgueux, France),  Eo ipso (1994, Stoka).