Feather-bed Fairy

Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra, 1995
Author: Ľubomír Feldek – Juraj Jakubisko
Directed by Anton Šulík jr.

about the production

Stage production Feather­Bed Fairy (Perinbaba) is a theatre adaptation of the impressive cinemascript of one of the most successful Slovak children's films written for Giulietta Masina in the leading lady role. Director Juraj Jakubisko jointly with a poet Ľubomír Feldek were inspired by a story written by the Grimm Brothers and they created in tandem a genuine film masterpiece in which a poetic perception of the world is interwoven with a philosophical question of death, immortality and seeking the substance and the meaning of life. Creative couple, represented by a director and a poet again, decided to stage an attractive form of a musical. In collaboration with other members of the creative team the stage adapters depicted a story dealing with little Jake (Jacob) and little Betty (Elisabeth) who preferred the earthly love and the good to immortality at Feather-Bed Fairy.


directed by Anton Šulík ml.
adaptation: Nikita  Slovák, Anton Šulík ml.
script editing and lyrics: Nikita Slovák
script editing assistance: Darina Kárová
stage set: Boris Kudlička
music: Anton Popovič
costumes: Radka Janáková 
lighting design: Róbert Polák
choreography: Denisa Kanásová & Marián Hlavatý
cast: Eva Pavlíková, Marcel Ochránek / Marián Labutia ml., Lucia Lapišáková /Kristína Turianová, Adela Gáborová, Daniela Kuffelová, Ján Greššo, Eva Hlaváčová, Jana Valocká / Elena Podzámska, Žofia Martišová, Andrej Rimko, Ivo Hlaváček, Ivan Lachký, Ladislav Boroš, Tibor Andreas, Peter Cepček, Gabriel Čepček, Stanislav Ölvecký, Magdaléna Čaprdová


Anton Šulík Jr., born in 1964, launched his career in the pantomime ensemble NO. After he graduated from the University of Performing Arts (VŠMU) at the Department of Directing under the pedagogical supervision of V. Strnisko, Anton Šulík Jr. became a director and later an artistic coach of the Puppet Theatre ensemble in Žilina. During the university studies, he drew attention by the two stage productions: The First Love, based upon Beckett's play and   Kafka's A Letter to father, and Clavijo, guest performance at the Theatre Festival DN '92. The following stage productions created with the domiciliary ensemble are stimulative: Don Quixote, Sedem Dwarfs alebo Seven trpaslíkov (guest performance at Theatre For Children '95), play on words in Slovak and English, and mainly the ARCHA Programme (When the Whales Sing) and other plays. Anton Šulík Jr. often gives guest performances in many Slovak theatres, e.g.: Dyke's Rat-Catcher staged with the DAB Nitra in 1993, and Way of the Cross presented by the DSNP Martin, 1995. Feather-Bed Fairy (Perinbaba) follows the director's collaboration between A. Šulík and the DAB ensemble in the past, i.e. besides the Rat­ Catcher he staged a fairy-tale A Ring and A Rose.