The Catalogue of Such an Ordinary Happiness

ALIS, Paris, France, 1995
Author: ALIS
Directed by ALIS

about the production

It's rather difficult to try to describe this performance in words; there's no story, no plot. Each of us is free to imagine his/her own story. Throughout the performance, space opens up for spectator's own visions. The music is composed of different unusual sounds: radio, children's voices... The performance is made of suppositions, memories. They are edited using the same technique as movie uses. Everything and nothing makes sense. The devices which project the images and geometrical figures, are the only sources of light. The images are composed of promotion pictures and figures made of cardboard. Jean-Marie Wynants writes in the Belgian daily Le Soir: “… This performance, rich in images, is a piece of modern visual arts as well as one of the theatre world ...” The Group's name is ALIS, same as the famous child 's character, the girl hero of Alice in the Wonderland. And what if ALIS is just the figure leading us astray, us who enjoy being led? ALIS makes us positive spectators who let their imagination go, with no limits and no borders.