A Long Way to Taru

M-theatre, Senica, 1996
Author: Fernando Arrabal, Anna Gamanová
Directd by Anna Gamanová

about the production

A Long Way To Taru is an adaptation of the stage-play Fando and Lis by Fernando Arrabal (1936), an author who can be ranked with the outstanding representatives of experimentation in European drama. No-communication in interpersonal relationships is one of the principal themes brought out through poetry of surrealism and absurd theatre, sarcasm and aesthetics of ugliness.


director and script editing: Aňa Gamanová
stage set and poster design: Milan Mikula
translation: Valér Mikula
cast: Erika Pláňavská, Zuzana Ožvoldíková, František Trochta, Vladimír Verner, Róbert Verner, Miroslav F. Kňazský.


Aňa Gamanová, born in 1958, graduated from the University of Education in Nitra and, in 1995, she specialised in Radio and Theatre Script Editing at the Theatre Academy of Music and Drama (DAMU) in Prague. She gave lectures al theatre workshops during international festivals in Ankara, Innsbruck, among others. She succeeded as a director and script editor working for the student theatre Zádrapky in Senica where she staged some extremely successful plays. Most of all, it was the performance Traumdeutung which was presented at significant European festivals, including the Brouhaha Festival in Liverpool, the UK., and The Theatre in the Palm, Glazov, Russia.