A Midsummer Night’s Dream

BARKA, Budapest, Hungary, 1996
Author: William Shakespeare
Directed by János Csányi

about the production

lt is an original text, written by Shakespeare, in which the artisans' and craftsmen's roles are built-up based on the text written by János Csányi. The producers themselves characterize the stage production as a passionate dance of confused desires, longings of youth and primeval, basic instincts of fairies in a neon-lit forest. The beautiful tortures and suffering from amateur theatre-making make any human being laugh until he/she cries.


director, decor: János Csányi
choreography: Gábor Goda, Ildikó Mándi
costumes: János Papp
music: Béla Faragó
lightdesign: Sándor Viski
characters and cast: Theseus, Oberon: János Kulka, Hippolyta, Titania: Dorottya Udvaros, Philostrat, Robin: Gergő Kaszás, Lysander: Tibor Fekete, Hermia: Tünde Murányi, Demetrius: Attila Magyar, Helena: Emese Vasvári, C. Antal Som, Cobweb: Zoltán Mucsi, Miklós Kurtha, Esel: Győző Szabó, Ferenc Sipos, Peaseblossom: Tibor Gazdag, Béla Ormándi, Mustardseed: Péter Scherer, Matoles Tunyogh, Postman, Moth: József Tóth


János Csányi, born in 1966, is an actor without permanent engagement. In 1990, he graduated from a recognized class of the directors Gábor Székely and Gábor Zámbéki. János Csányi directed T. S. Eliot's Murder In A Cathedral, his own text The Play with the Merlin Theatre and recently W Shakespeare's A Midsummer-Nighťs Dream enriched with his own complementary texts.

Materials available

Video of the production: yes

Script of the production: SK, EN, PL

If you are interested in these materials, write to archivy@nitrafest.sk