Face to Face

Malabar, Lunel, France, 1996
Author: Sylvestre Jamet, Pierre-Henri Charbonneau
Directed by Sylvestre Jamet, Pierre-Henri Charbonneau

about the production

White people walking on stilts (Ghosts of the Winds) – unusual, gracious creatures – the insect, face to face red-and-black people (Ghosts of the Fire).

The red-and-black ones worship the fire which makes them live. The white ones come and they steal a magic light from them... Two hordes meet in a duel. Which one will end up the winner of this never-ending fight...? Duels, tournaments, combats, "kung-fu" battles, walking on stilts, top acrobatics on a trapeze and flying by a rope from an eight-meters girder… and all this, imagine, in a joyful folly of pyrotechnic delirium. The street show, comprised of three parts – The Forge (La Forge), Pursuit (La Parade Poursuite), Face to Face (Face a face) – is a combination of circus art and street theatre, a sparkling and grandiose feast full of fantastic creatures, characters and creative follies and buffoonery.

The Malabar ensemble members, the actors, dancers, musicians, acrobats, jugglers, clowns and pyrotechnicians, present a perfect artistic mastery, a sense of unfettered humour, a feeling for rhythm and rampant, and high-spirited imagination which adds to their performances and shows a hall-mark of top presentations of a street art. During fourteen years, they have been to 448 towns in fourteen countries, where they gave performances to 3,000,000 spectators. They took part in various European festivals and at the Festival of Art at the Olympic Games in Albertville, Barcelona and Atlanta.

For the performance Face to Face they were warmly received and awarded at the Festival Avignon Off '85 and al the National Festival of the Street Artists '88 in Saône, France.


setting and director: Sylvestre JametPierre-Henri Charbonneau