As You Like It

Slovak National Theatre – Drama, Bratislava, 1996
Author: William Shakespeare
Directed by Enikö Eszenyi

about the production

In a jubilee 75th season (1994/95), SND established interrupted contacts with the Budapest theatre Vígszínház and welcomed Hungarian colleagues, counterparts and friends on the stage of the P. O. Hviezdoslav Theatre presenting the play Dance-hall. The success was tremendous and one year after, Enikö Eszenyi, the Vígszínház actor and director, with her team of co-workers, appeared at a director's panel. The period of rehearsals was the most exciting, and the final result proved the talent, vitality   and    imagination of the Hungarian directress who could fully understand the Slovak counterparts.


translation: Ľubomír Feldek
directed by Enikö Eszenyi
adaptation: György Böhm
script editing: Martin Porubjak
stage set: Kentaur
costume designer: Andrea Bartha
music: Andrej Šeban
choreography consultant: Tamás Gyongyosi
ocharacters and cast: Duke: Marián Labuda, Amiens: Ján Gallovič, Jacques: Stano Dančiak, 1. Nobleman: Vladimír Durdík, Frederick: Marián Labuda, Le Beau: Juraj Slezáček, Osielka: Richard Stanke, Orlando: Milan Mikulčík, Oliver: Jozef Vajda, Adam: Ladislav Chudík, Charles: Albert Sárközi / Ján Širy, Corin: Dušan Tarageľ, Silvius: Vladimír Obšil, Viliam: Csongor Kassai, Oliver Bibliobuch: Peter Bzdúch, Rosalinda: Diana Mórová, Célia: Danica Jurčová, Anička: Helena Krajčiová, Fébe: Ingrid Timková, Hymen: Csongor Kassai, Mister Daniel Dangl


Enikö Eszenyi (1960) – a celebrity among actors and directors of the prominent Budapest theatre Vigszínház, is one of the most brilliant personalities of the Hungarian theatre art. She already dazzled theatre-goers and theatre-fans as a student of performing arts. A number of richly performed characters in the theatre and in movies (recently with the Slovak director Jaroslav Rihák - Valse triste) can be enriched with her success as a director. She was awarded numerous domestic and foreign prizes for the stage-play Leonce and Lena by Büchner. She received wide recognition for directing the musical West Side Story, Kleist’s Catherine of Heilbronne and Brecht’s Baal.