Cinder-lad, As You Do Not Know Him

Theatre from the Passage, Banská Bystrica, 1996
Author: Viera Dubačová
Directed by Viera Dubačová

about the production

The idea to rehearse only this one fairy-tale, and nothing else, came from a decision made by one of protagonist of the performance: "I shall not be a policeman anymore, I am going to be a Cinder­lad!" "Devils, witches and dragons do not exist. If we are afraid of somebody, then they are bad people. And fortunately, they are not here among us."
(excerpt from a performance epilogue)

Although we still differ
Forgive us our faults
We are also children of the Earth
and under it a little devil slumbers
(Milan Rúfus)


directed byViera Dubačová
stage set: K. Michalová
music: Belo Félix
technique: Ludvík Pozníček
cast: Peťo Hudec, Peťo Vaculčiak, Beátka Polaková, Ľubka Žilková, Miriam Kujanová,  Ivo Chmelko, Ivo Blaško,  Viera Dubačová, Zuzana Šebestová, Jana Suraová.


Viera Dubačová, born in 1962, is a poet, script­writer, director and a puppetry troupe member of the Theatre on the Crossroads. In this theatre, they began to implement a project for handicapped persons in 1993, Theatre Beyond Any Limits.
Dubačová began to visit institutionalized children as she liked the idea to stage The Animal Kingdom by Rúfus with them. After he first contacts with children had been made and deepened, the initial idea was extended with the goal ta stage a Slovak folk fairy-tale about Cinder-lad.