When Mom Is Not In

PIKI, Pezinok, 1996
Author: Katarína Aulitisová
Directed by Katarína Aulitisová

about the production

The production freely follows the play About Nine Little Months – a story of a baby, growing up in the tummy of its Mom.    While in this play, the only actor is K. Aulitisová, in the stage-play, When Mom Is Not In, the one actor theatre is being performed by Ľ. Piktor, the father of a one-time baby. The stage production is applied by repeatedly using a stage prop and, even more notably, leading the performance with a puppet. This gives a broad space for Piktor´s fluid range of expression, ranging from a joke to the grotesque, through the clownish performance to nostalgia.


directed by Katarína Aulitisová
stage set, costume, puppets: František Lipták
puppets: M. Vaněk
music: B. Suchánek
cast: Ľubomír Piktor


Katarína Aulitisová, born in 1964, is working with the PIKI Theatre in Pezinok as one of the two theatre members, together with her husband, Ľubomír Piktor. She graduated in puppetry from the Theatre Academy of Music and Drama (DAMU) in Prague and she worked on short-term contracts with several permanent puppet theatres.
Directing: Čin-čin (Chirp-chirp) by Ľ. Podjavorinská, Pipi (Long Stocking) by A. Lindgren, Buvirozprávky (Nap Fairy-tales) by D. Hevier, A Game by J. Mokoš, About Nine Little Months by K. Aulitisová.