Ritter Dene Voss (Vášaryová, Hadrbolcová, Ornest)

The Theatre On the Balustrade, Prague, Czech Republic, 1996
Author: Thomas Bernhard
Directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský

about the production

Thomas Bernhard completed the play in 1984 and he titled it after the Austrian actors for whom he wrote it. The play deals with love between the siblings of a rich industrialist´s family. It was inspired by the life of the philosopher Ludwig Witgenstein and his nephew Paul. The text was translated especially for the Theatre In the Balustrade and was staged as a Czech premiére.


translation: Zuzana Augustová a Martin Porubjak (slovenská časť)
directed by Jan Antonin Pitínský
script editing: Vlasta Smoláková
seting: Kateřina Štefková
music assistant: Zdeněk Plachý
language editing: Marcela Požarek
cast: Jiří Ornest, Zdena Hadrbolcová, Emília Vášáryová


Jan Antonín Pitínský, born in 1956, is a freelancer without permanent engagement. In the 1980, apart from a member of staged plays, Pitínský also staged his own plays. A Pine-Apple and The Mother in the Amateur Theatre Fan Club in Brno. He collaborates with professional theatres, most notably the Theatre On the Balustrade and the City Theatre in Zlín. The stage production of Sister Anxiety, presented at the DN '95 Festival, and rehearsed with The Theatre of Dejvice, Prague, was highly praised and Pitínský was awarded the prestigious A. Radok Prize for 1995.