The Lumber-room (The Last Yourney to Bee)

STOKA, Bratislava, 1996
Author: Jan Antonín Pitínský and comp.
Directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský

about the production

The play is an "album offamily pictures" based on a diary of the soldier Alojz Chmiel (1854-1936). The diary was found in the loft of house number 126 in Oravská Polhora, northern Slovakia. The text was based on a story written by J. A. Pitínský during a time of a theatre's collective creative work in September and October 1995.


story and director: J. A. Pitínský
stage set: Alexandra Grusková
costumes: Zuzana Piussi
music: Ľubomír Burgr
narrator: Ivo Heller
characters and cast: Anton Linka – Vlado Zboroň, Hortenzia Linková – Erika Lásková,  Klára – Lucia Piussi, Gréta – Zuzana Piussi, Alma Almerová – Ingrid Hrubaničová, Gerd Krasinský – Ľubomír Burgr, Vilibald Hrčko – Laco Kerata, Alberto Rossi – Jozef Chmel, Lilion – Peter Bathyányi


Jan Antonín Pitínský, born in 1956, made his name as a director, playwright, scriptwriter, actor, co-founder of theatre groups, and writer. His works are exceptional because of his specffic, intellectual sense of visual art and choreography. Plays view focused on a chosen topic and his expressive sense of visual art and choreography. Plays recently staged include: S. Mráz: Carnival At the Sprites, DAMU Prague; G. Green: The Heart of the Matter. Theatre on the Balustrade; Fellini, Rondi, Plaiano. Pinelli, Bláhová: The Eight and Half (and half), The City Theatre of Zlín; J. Čep, J. Deml: Sister Anxiety, Theatre of Dejvice.


STOKA is not a state-owned drama ensemble established in 1991, which focuses on writing and alternative production.  The STOKA ensemble is a response to a feeling of infirmity and weakness while searching for new approaches, methods theatre comprehension and visions in common theatres. The final product of their stage productions usually results from collaboration between the ensemble members themselves. Their poetry touches the most delicate dimensions of human beings, which are usually beyond definition.
STOKA annually takes part in domestic festivals including: Divadelná Nitra, The Festival of Staged Slovak Plays (FISH), The troupe frequently gives guest performances at the Festival Theatre Pilsen and during the five years of their existence, the ensemble has already presented numerous festivals in France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Germany and Italy. At the Mimos '93 Festival held in Périgueux, France, STOKA 's play Impasse was highly praised by the critics.