The Garden of Delights

Bambalina Titelles, Valencia, Spain, 1996
Author: Jaume Policarpo
Directed by Jaume Policarpo

about the production

The performance was based on one of the most well-known paintings El Bosca. The famous triptych on the move, is animated by puppets, actors and other objects. The painting was adapted for theatre and staged using the portions that were selected by Jaumé Policarpo. He is obsessed with aesthetics and gifted with an intelligent, refined sense of black humour. The play personifies the joy, delight, fear, fright, anxiety and emptiness which go along with being a human being. To be precise, it provides a typical view of sex, love-making, experience, feelings, sensations, impressions and life.


script and director: Jaume Policarpo
stage set: Carles Alfaro
music: Joan Cerveró
lighting: Ion Ladarescu, Jaume Policarpo
cast: Josep Policarpo, Ion Ladarescu, Esperanza Giménez


Jaume Policarpo, born in 1962, is the Managing Director of Bambalina Titeles, the organizer of the Vall D'Albaida International Puppet Festival.
The most popular stage productions include: Don Quixote (1991), Ulysses (1992), The Garden of Earth Delights (1994). All plays were staged with Bambalina Titelles.