GUnaGU, Bratislava, 1996
Author: Viliam Klimáček
Directed by Viliam Klimáček

about the production

Viliam Klimáček defines Angeleo as a socalled “industrial ballad of Slovak mountains and factories in 1948. Marginal artistic genres are so beloved by me. By the way, we are "the theatre of the suburbs". To explain the expression "marginal", this play interweaves a fairy-tale (Tales by Dobšinský, a sado-masochistic body full of magic and heathens) with decaying art (a socialist realism piece with all of the related phenomena very socialist for example factory's chimneys singing...).


directed byViliam Klimáček
stage set: Aleš Votava
costumes: Maria Havran
music: Ivan Mizera
graphic art: Emill
characters and cast: Ewa: Oľga Beleš, Matúš: Peter Sklár, Baranec: Igor Adamec / Dado Nagy, Margarín a Čierny havran: Roman Pomajbo,  Rubár: Karol Vosátko / Robo Konzi Maduna, Piliar: Tony Pisár, Krčmárka a Striga: Beata Hilek, Angeleo: Ivan Šándor / Peter Koreň, Karel Plicka: Viliam Klimáček


Viliam Klimáček, born in 1958, is one of three founders of GUnaGU Theatre and up to the present day he is its scriptwriter, poet, director, actor, musician and composer, technician, manager and... the coach of the GUnaGU Theatre. After practicing medicine as a physician for nine years, he is now devoted exclusively to theatrical work. As an author and/or co-author, he was involved in twenty theatre productions, including the most significant ones, for example Ascending Gently in a Rarefied Atmosphere, Caligari, Pressburger Blut, and Angeleo.